NFL Player Josh Norman at the Running of the Bulls

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman pursued one of his most thrilling bucket list items this summer. The NFL player ventured to Pamplona, Spain, for the 2019 Running of the Bulls, an iconic feature of the San Fermin Festival. The 31-year-old Norman is a veteran globetrotter, using his off-season months to explore sights across the world. According to previous interviews, the NFL player uses his worldly travels and amazing experiences abroad to shape his knowledge.

Josh Norman Bull Run

As if running with six massive bulls wasn’t dangerous enough for Norman, he decided to up the ante by literally leaping over the beasts in the bullring. The cornerback channeled all his energy to jump not once – but twice – over the horned animals. These stunning feats were captured on video, and Norman shared pictures of his stunt on Instagram.

Footage shared on Norman’s Instagram story shows him inside the Plaza del Toros, with cheering crowds looking on in disbelief as he leaps over a 1,200-pound bull. Being the superb athlete he is, Norman nailed the landing perfectly, impressing all those who saw it. By comparison, the rest of the people in the stadium were running around frantically, trying to avoid the bulls’ sharp horns.

Several Spanish news stations ran footage of Norman clad in the classic white and red bull running attire, psyching himself up before the dashing through the streets in the morning encierro.

It isn’t common that you see a famous NFL player at Running of the Bulls, but 2019 proved to be an interesting year in Pamplona. Norman posted on Instagram that running with the bulls was great fun, and “really worth it.”

Despite the known risks of participating in the Pamplona Bull Run, NFL player Josh Norman says he fulfilled one of his dreams.

If taking part in this legendary tradition is on your bucket list, be sure to check out more videos of the Running of the Bulls online.