Dining in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls® can be a challenge. Most mid-range establishment trim their menu to offer what is quick and easy to serve – Bocadillos (sandwiches) and maybe Fritos (fried food). Fine dining restaurants cater to long-term, loyal clients who book months in advance for lunches and dinners during the San Fermin Festival. One bright spot during Fiesta is the traditional Basque Cider Houses or Cidrerias and Asadors, which are equipped for large groups and serve up hearty steaks and fresh fish. Your best bet is to work with a Pamplona tour operator or restaurant who allows for advance reservations.

The Running of the Bulls Travel Center works with local Pamplona restaurants and event organizers to present Pamplona restaurant offers. Use the following list to compare your San Fermin dining choices, or if you’re interested in travel advice for your entire trip, we highly suggest completing our Pamplona Expert Travel Advice form.

  • Cuadrilla Dinner & Fireworks $150.00 Book it Now
    Dining - Cuadrilla Dinner & Fireworks Vendor: RunningoftheBulls.travel
  • Rodero Restaurant Reservation $148.00 Book it Now
    Dining - Rodero Restaurant Reservation Vendor: RunningoftheBulls.travel
  • Hemingway Breakfast on Plaza Castillo $52.00 Book it Now
    Dining - Hemingway Breakfast on Plaza Castillo Vendor: RunningoftheBulls.travel