Runner’s Recap with Dennis Clancey July 10th

Check out a recap of Encierro Day 4 with your Running of the host, Dennis Clancey. Today’s bull run features prized toros from the Garcigrande ranch hailing from Domingo Hernández de Alaraz, Salamanca.

In this video recap, you can see just how dangerous and unpredictable the Pamplona bull runs can be, especially when a bull breaks away from the herd. These half-ton animals can strike out from the herd at any given moment, creating a wake of destruction.  

Pamplona Bull Run July 10th recap

Within the first portion of the run, you see a lone bull clearing out a dozen runners on Calle Santo Domingo as he tosses his head, pushing people against the walls and underfoot. Even the most experienced of bull runners have to anticipate this risk, which increases the odds of severe injury.

A bull that is by itself can be erratic and highly unpredictable. It can turn around, wielding its sharp horns, and corner you in an area with little chance of escape. Two runners were gored in the early section of this run, but — apart from typical falls and blows — these were the only serious casualties reported.

As far as encierros go at the San Fermin Fiesta, this July 10th run was fairly quick and clean – completed in two minutes and 30 seconds. To put this time into perspective, some of the fastest bull runs in Pamplona have taken just over two minutes.

These hooved animals can move at surprising speeds, even on Pamplona’s uneven cobblestone streets. Bulls, and steers for that matter, can run at speeds approaching 35 mph.

If you are thinking about participating in the San Fermin Running of the Bulls, it’s crucial to ensure you’re physically and technically prepared.

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